Japanese Culture Training

Japanese Culture Training

Japanese Culture Training

Understanding Japanese Business Environment
Japan is one of the most powerful industrially developed nations and the third largest economy in the world. Japanese culture is fascinating, where on one hand are its deep-rooted traditions, and on the other hand are its ever changing economical and technological developments. Japanese business culture is often viewed with a lot of apprehension and concern as being difficult to handle, with too many dos and don’ts or strict adherence to norms. Rather, it is simply “different”. Just like every country has its own business style and culture. Japan has its own set of business etiquette and tradition. . 

We deliver training programs and seminars on Japanese business etiquette to help bridge the cultural and communication gap with Japan for improved business outcomes.  This includes support for both local staff and Japanese expatriates of Japanese companies, and support for local companies considering or conducting business with Japan

Punctuality, politeness and bowing down are considered respectful. Japan follows a certain protocol for exchanging business cards as it is strategically important- being the first formal introduction between the two parties and bilingual cards are highly appreciated. Formal business attire and Japanese translated documents are preferred. Our Japanese Cultural orientation program is designed to help you understand Japanese business principles and cultural insights that add value to your overall business interaction helping you build the foundation for long term relationship with your clients.

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Our trainers are well versed with the language, culture, etiquette and dynamics of the corporate culture of both India and Japan

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